Safety Alert Current

Accident due to Slippage of Rope Upload April 2020
Water Ingress during Rig Movement of Jack-up Rig upload April 2020
Compressor Safety January 2020
Safety Alert Soil collapse December 2019
Draw Works Brake failure at a Drilling Site November 2019
Compressor Safety November 2019
Incident due to improper planning No rigging plan - October 2019
Safety in crane operation –SO October 2019
Safety in Quality control Laboratory October 2019
Lock Out Tag Out
Injury during drifting of tubing
Major Fire Accident at a Drilling Rig
Incident during mooring of material barge with construction barge
Explosion on Drillship during repair in Ship yard
Explosion inside the wash tank in the ETP
Incident during lifting of crane boom on a semi-submersible rig
Fire incidents at old wells
Fall of pulley assembly from crown block to rig floor
Incident during testing of crane boom after broken yoke Linkage replacement
Fatal Incident During Grit Blasting
Fatal Incident During Crane Operation
Fatal Incident During Scrap removal
Fatal Incident Due To DAVIT Link Failure
Sudden collapse of Hillock
Toppling of Crane
Fire in Pre-heat Exchanger Train
Fire in FCC Unit
Safety alert while Working at Height
Oil and Gas Leakage from Flow Arm
Fire in LPG cylinder truck
Fatality at POL Location
Fatality during sucker rod pulling out
Gas leakage through 30"x20" annulus during side tracking
Fire during well subduing operation
Fatality at Drilling Rig during Rig Building
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