Safety Performance evaluation / Safety awards

Oil Industry Safety Awards were instituted in 1987 with a view to promote safety performance in oil industry. Based on the nature of operations, the entire oil industry has been divided in nine groups, viz. Refineries, POL Marketing Organisations, LPG Marketing Organisations, Oil & Gas Production Assets, Cross Country Pipelines, Other Gas Processing Organisations, Lube Oil Blending Plants, Offshore production Installations and Offshore drilling rigs. Also in order to sensitize and motivate individual employee towards the importance of safety, cash awards are also given to individual company employees/ contractor workers who have made significant contribution to avoid accidents at work places.

"Oil Industry Safety Directorate", evaluates the Safety performance of oil & gas industry members every year and the best performers are awarded trophies by the Hon'ble Minister of Petroleum & Natural Gas.

The Safety performance is evaluated based on Hazard Potential, Penalty Points and Safety Management System. Unit complexity, man hours worked, total product handled in the year through rail/road/pipeline mode as well as total capacity of the installation form the basis to evaluate Hazard Potential and Penalty Points are calculated based on Fatality, man hour loss, production / material loss in Major fire / accident.

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